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How is red wine made?

The basics of winemaking are part of every WSET course!

At the WSET Level 1, for example, you'll learn the main difference between white and red wine: white grapes are pressed before fermentation.

In red wine, it's the other way round: first fermentation, then pressing - the juice (or must) ferments with the skins in it and this is how colour and tannin are released from the grape skins, and red wine is created!

The WSET Level 2 and Level 3 courses go into greater detail: At what temperatures does red wine fermentation occur? What is cap management about? What are the options of yeast available? And what other points are there to consider when making red wine?

On the photo you can see what fermentation on the skins looks like!

Do you want to learn more about red wine making? Book a course with us!

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