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Cynthia Ribeiro-Richter is the founder and CEO of Grape Skills. She holds the WSET Diploma and is also a WSET Certified Educator. Before turning her passion for wine into a career, she studied statistics, did an MBA in marketing and specialised in consumer and market research.


In 2007, she moved from her native Brazil to the German wine region of Pfalz, where she expanded her knowledge of wine by visiting wineries and attending tastings. From 2010, she lived in South Africa for six years, completed her WSET training there and started working as a consultant and organiser of tastings and presentations in the wine industry.


In 2016, Cynthia went back to Germany, where she first shared her know-how at numerous events in front of international audiences, advised foreign wineries and taught students at wine schools for the first time. In 2018, she then fulfilled her dream of a WSET school in her hometown of Heidelberg by founding Grape Skills. 


Since 2021, she has been taking on a new big challenge: Cynthia was accepted as a student by the Institute of Masters of Wine. At Grape Skills, she is constantly reporting on this exciting journey!


You will meet Cynthia at almost every one of our courses - she is not only a lecturer but above all the mastermind behind the entire organisation, knows all the students and always has an open ear for your questions.

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