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Simone Rings holds a Degree in Business Administration (BA) and is IHK-Certified Sommelière. Before moving into the wine industry, she worked for 20 years in marketing and sales for the pharmaceutical industry, having her latter position as Head of Education and Training in Sales.


Through her training as a Sommelier with Specialisation in Wine Trade at the German Wine School in Koblenz, where she successfully passed her IHK-Examination 2015, wine changed from a hobby to a profession. Simultaneously, she completed the internationally recognised WSET® Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits. 


Since then Simone Rings has been working for the VDP. winery of the same name in the Palatinate, assisting customers both in Germany and abroad and also being responsible for marketing and communication.


In addition, Simone operates a specialised wine trade, moderates tastings and recommends wine menus in the gastronomy. She serves as wine judge for Meininger Verlag at official competitions such as "Meiningers Deutscher Sektpreis" or "Best of Riesling".  


In her private life she loves to drink wines from France, Germany and Austria, she has a penchant for champagne and natural wines.

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