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The Venue

We run our courses at the Technologie Park Heidelberg, in modern seminar rooms equipped with the most updated equipment to deliver the highest level of education. It is centrally located and very close to the main train station in Heidelberg.


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The City of Heidelberg








Heidelberg is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The picturesque interplay of the castle, the old town, and the river Neckar surrounded by mountains, which inspired poets and artists of romanticism, still fascinates millions of visitors from all over the world today. But there's more to Heidelberg than romanticism. Some key facts about Heidelberg:

  • It is home to Germany's oldest university - in 1386

  • First mentioned in 1196, the city was planned and built, together with the castle, in the 13th century

  • Receives about 11.8 million visitors from all over the world every year

  • It has received several awards for its commitment to the environment

  • It is one of the vivid cities in Germany, with plenty of options of leisure 

  • Its attractive countryside, favorable climate and urban lifestyle makes Heidelberg one of the leading cities in Germany in terms of leisure value


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Im Neuenheimer Feld 582

69120 Heidelberg


Longitude: 49°42'

Latitude: 8°86'

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