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Lotte Grabovits' passion for wine has started when she attended a gig in a winery at the age of 19. She was just about to finish her school and looking for something different that could combine natural science with arts; wine was just the right answer. 

This is how Lotte ended up with a B.Sc. and double degree M.Sc. in Horticulture specialising in viticulture and oenology at the TU Munich/ Corvinus University Budapest and a second M.A. in International Wine Marketing in Austria, at Eisenstadt.


Since then she has travelled the world, exploring wine regions from the classics like Burgundy and Champagne, to rising stars such as Santorini and lesser-known wine growing regions such as those of Lebanon and Zimbabwe, though her heart beats strongest for the wines of Hungary, partially because of her origin, and partially because she spent a few years there. In the meantime, Lotte has gained in London her WSET Level 3 certification.

She has worked for many years at one of the greatest retail trader in Germany in the wine purchase and international wine marketing department, focussing on consumer trends and different markets.

Since 2019 she runs her own business GabrovitsL Wine Consulting, where she consults, educates and judges in the wine branch, spreading her passion for wine throughout the world.

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